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BiG FiL – Gospel Recording Artist, Based In Jacksonville, Florida

God bless you guys!  Thanks so much for checking out my music ministry and the projects I’m working on.  Here’s my bio, in case you missed it.  Visit me on iTunes to buy my work.  Meantime, I’m out there reppin’ the Kindgdom and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to anyone who will listen.  Know that God has a plan for your life…no matter how crazy or jacked up you think your life may be – He has a plan for you.  Don’t give up and TRUST HIM!!  He will see you through…now, tha’s whassup!

It’s ministry through my music.  So, drop me a line and lemme know what you think about it, any questions you have or even a testimony.  Luv y’all…be blessed!

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