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A.M.M.O - Anointed Mixtape Ministry Online

A.M.M.O – Anointed Mixtape Ministry Online

The hottest, dopest, creative and anointed Christian music mixes can be found here on 180Radionow.com Well tonight we’re looking at DJ Tituz and his crazy-tight, musical offering is up for voting. AMMO is on each night at 8PM, and if you missed the mix presented at that time. Come here to the voting page and you’ll be able to catch the mix of the evening, right here on 180Radionow.com

Time to vote for tonight’s mix. Let us know how you feel about it. We’ll randomly pick from the selected entries and bless you with something very kewl! God bless you and thank for listening to 180Radionow.com, where “this is what ministry sounds like”.

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