The Mantle



The Mantle is a talk show unlike any other. It’s entire purpose is to bring together individuals from every walk of life, in order to properly address the issues of our time that are eroding the spiritual foundations with which our communities have been built upon. The myriad of problems facing Christians, as we live in this world, encourage each other and evangelize our communities mandate that they be addressed truthfully and expose the lies and misconceptions that stifle the Christian walk, as well as paint the church in a hypocritical and negative light.

Headed by our guest host, a panel of people that represent the cornerstone aspects of our society will address these issues head-on, with viewpoints, opinions, truth and fact while weighing all of it against the infallible Word of God. We mean to deal with the things that cause confusion among the People of God, enmity of/against/by the world towards Christians. No question, or topic is taboo. Nothing is beyond addressing, as it relates to current events, spiritual, social-economic issues that affect us all. The goal being to bring to light those things which are stifling the growth of Christianity and the effectiveness of the People of God as we represent Him in the Earth.

Each show will feature a different panel, where fresh views and solutions can be weighed and offered, in response to those problems and issues discussed. Get ready to deal with some stuff, that’s gonna make many of you uncomfortable, but prayerfully more sincere with your walk with Christ, and in the relationships you form and the people you integrate with. The Mantle will say openly, what needs to be said about things that are spoken of in private only – uncovering the things that are damaging to the Faith and that misrepresents God. Things that need to be dealt with, that aren’t dealt with by many mainstream houses of worship, because of fear from the fallout that would ensure.

Here, we’re really about separating the wheat from the chaff. Get your Bible, it’s time to get serious.

You may check out the podcast for this show on our podcast page.