Mark "SWISABOI" Selvie - Put Jesus In It

Mark “SWISABOI” Selvie

Columbus where crime and gang violence was prevalent in the environment surrounding him. He thrived to be more than just another statistic by pursuing his love for music as he would write songs and make beats in confines of his bedroom in his parent’s home. As a teenager Mark began to fall victim to the lifestyle that was common for young boys in his neighborhood and the influence caused him to become engaged in things such as drugs, alcohol and violent/illegal crimes.

This went on as long as God would allow, but thank God He had another plan for Mark’s life that didn’t end in death or prison time. Mark found his way of escape by deciding to enlist into the United States army at the age of 19. He believes joining the army is what saved his life. The challenges he face in the real world combined with what the army taught him reminded him of the one thing that is always certain God is real and still keeping him through it all.

He began to seek God on a more personal and intimate level to find out what God’s will for his life was. Still pursuing his music career he decided to deliver his music with lyrics that provided inspiration to many people around the world. As a gospel inspirational rapper Mark embraced the name Swisaboi which is an acronym for Saved While Intentionally Saving Another. This is more than just an industry name for him, this is his lifestyle. He has set focus on reaching the nation through music and his desire is to continue to inspire, set free, and change lives of the many people in the world that can relate, understand and respect his story.

He has written, produced and released several albums since the beginning of, what he calls “the Swisaboi movement”. This is still the new beginning of the journey God has set before him and he is humble and excited to be chosen by God for such a critical time as this. With great expectation Swisaboi continues to fulfill his purpose through music and ministry.