Ride It Out

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This is the evening, drive time block, hitting you with the the top 100 Christian songs (or as many as we can squeeze in) burning up the Christian music charts. Any station can play the top Top 10, 20 or even 25 hits of the week, but everyone over here at 180Radionow.com LOVES to do things to the next level…’cuz…that’s just who we are. Ummmmm, yyyeeaaaahhh. 🙂 So, the longer your commute back home, evening worship, Bible study, school, dinner, or wherever your’re going…the more chart busters you get to hear and ride out on.

So, buckle up, get your traffic-face on and get ready to praise and shout your way through traffic with our crazy chart-toppin’, “Hitz List”. Yeah, your praise just got a little crazier. Let’s Go!!

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