Lunch Power Hour

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It’s lunchtime, so get your grub on and check our our two-hour block of the craziest Gospel mixes, that are guaranteed to get your praise party started. So go ahead, it’s all good. Get your praise (and your grub) on, while you ride out your lunch time with best gospel beats assembled. These super-mixes are played straight through, non-stop with commercials played only in-between sets. Each feature mix includes Gospel Rythm & Praise, Holy Hip-Hop, Reggae and Christian Contemporary music. There’s enough to keep your head boppin’, your spirit rockin’ and your mouth chompin’, until it’s time to hit the grind and ride your day out.

Keep an eye on your lunchtime though, because you might loose track of time while your gettin’ your grub, praise AND your bounce on! Hallelujah!!

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