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The Finally SHE (Self-Healing Everyday) Show with Michelle Martin-Pearman

The Finally SHE (Self-Healing Everyday) Show

Finally SHE (Self-Healing Everyday) Show

Hosted by life coach and motivational speaker, Michelle Martin-Pearman’s goal is to touch lives in a positive way by helping people realize they can better themselves every day.  In my show, I pull the covers off the issues, problems and areas that keep people living in darkness, seemingly with no hope, promise or a way out.  No subject is taboo, too difficult or too dark to address and correct.

SWERVE Teen Talk Radio

SWERVE Teen Talk Radio

SWERVE Teen Talk Radio

Nationally syndicated, weekly show hosted by Anthony Franklin, aired every Saturday from 7-9 PM EST.  A unique platform designed for the Youth of America; combining honest dialogue with teens and weekly Specialists in a variety of areas with the hottest music in Inspirational Hip- Hop, Spoken Word and Rhythm & Praise!

Kingdom Beatz Show - Hottest in Christian Music

Kingdom Beatz Show – Hosted by DJ Mo Diddley

Kingdom Beatz

Weekly show spotlighting the hottest and most impacting Christian artists, through listening parties and interviews.  Featuring the absolute tightest mixes along with charted as well as up-and-coming artists in contemporary gospel, rhythm-n-praise,  pop/rock, worship, spoken word and more!!    Listen in every Saturday at 4pm and check out the Podcast page to hear each show 24/7.  Come get your ear rocked and your spirit moved!

Raise The Praise - Hosted by Sister Rosa Banks

Raise The Praise – Hosted by Sister Rosa Banks

Raise The Praise with Sister Rosa

There is a remnant around the Globe ready to transcend space and time by uniting as one in heart, mind, and Spirit. We are congregating viawww.180radionow.com every Tuesday and Friday, @ 4:00 p.m.  Access the web player to listen now, and download the “180Radionow” app available on Google Play and the App Store, as we, by faith in the immutable, infinite Power of GOD’S Spirit “RAISE THE PRAISE” in sacred songs, Rhema Word, and with like- minded guests that will inspire, exhort and raise your level of praise unto our worthy Savior and check out our podcasts available on our podcast page: https://www.180radionow.com/podcasts

The Covenant Child - World Renowned DJ

The Covenant Child – World Renowned DJ

The Covenant Child

Maurice O.  This anointed man of God, is guaranteed to rock your spirit every time he’s on the One’s and Two’s.  An internationally known DJ, covers a wide genre of Christian music.  Maurice is a surgeon on the tables, and His passion for the Lord comes out clearly in his mixes.  Based out of Virginia, The Covenant Child rocks your spirit and your body.  It’s a praize party that is guaranteed to get you moving and raise your worship to a whole new level, for sure!  Hear the most exclusive Gospel mixes, right here on 180Radionow.com

The Adam & Eve Revolution - Pastors Harry and Chandra Ford

The Adam & Eve Revolution – Pastors Harry and Chandra Ford

The Adam & Eve Revolution Show

Hosted by the husband & wife pastoral team of Imani Outreach International, pastors Harry & Chandra Ford; “The Adam & Eve Revolution” is fresh, entertaining and  spirit-filled look at relationships and marriages in our new millennium, as seen from a Biblical perspective. No subject is taboo, no problem or issue too big or small to be addressed. Listen to viewpoints of both the men AND the women, simultaneously and in real-time, as this husband & wife team make real feelings, thoughts, experiences and emotions from real people, applicable to Biblical principles and offering understanding to help people deal with heterosexual relationships – and overcome the pain and hurt found within them.

A Kingdom Mind - hosted by Elder Michael Stevenson

A Kingdom Mind – hosted by Elder Michael Stevenson

A Kingdom Mind

Knowing how to be an effective Christian requires that you have a knowledgeable & practical understanding of what it means to be a Christian.  The first thing to go is the mind, and show host Elder Michael Stevenson will share with you a fresh, accurate and easily understood approach for developing and growing a Christ-centered mindset. It’s an every-day look at the practical application of what and how Christians should be thinking and operating, as we represent God in our daily lives.


At The Well - Hosted by Prophetess Angel Alexander

At The Well – Hosted by Prophetess Angel Alexander

At The Well

Prophetess Angel Alexander offers her listeners a true and accurate prophetic revelation of God’s Word in a way that is light-hearted, practical and targeted for your faith walk.  Never without a Word from the Lord, Prophetess Alexander will challenge you to engage in a deeper relationship with God and with others.  Delivering clear and practical revelation to you, what you hear will cause you to seek a deeper relationship with God – and lead a more purpose-led life.


Spirit-impacting and Life-Changing Word of God

Impacting Lives Christian Ministries - Pastor Herbert L Bartley

Impacting Lives Christian Ministries – Pastor Herbert L Bartley

Impacting Lives Christian Ministries 

Senior Pastor, Herbert L. Bartley ministers a sure, practical Word from God that will empower and equip you to be all that God has purposed you to become.  An interdenominational ministry promoting God’s Kingdom by impacting people’s lives spiritually, economically, and educationally in meeting the needs of the local Body and in the community.  Under the covering of Covenant Fellowship, led by Bishop Vaughn McLaughlin, Pastor Herbert L. Bartley imparts a life-changing, spirit-filled Word for your life.  Tune in every weekday at 3:30pm.

Real Life Church - Lead Pastor, Matt Andrews

Real Life Church – Lead Pastor, Matt Andrews

Real Life Church

Real Church is a new life giving church in the Middleburg area, under the leadership of Lead Pastor, Matt Andrews.  We believe in that in order to change the world you have to effect people one relationship at a time. It is our desire to create a community of Christ followers that experience life together while living out the word of God.  Tune in each weekday at 5:30PM for our international, radio broadcast ministry.

New Life Christian Fellowshi - Pastors Paul & Wendy Zink II

New Life Christian Fellowshi – Pastors Paul & Wendy Zink II

New Life Christian Fellowship

We are a house that lives the gospel every day, giving away what was so freely given. There’s nothing more powerful than a body of believers who have been rocked by His power and changed by His presence. And so, we join hands and lift our voices to bring the message of powerful hope and unmatched love to a broken and weary world. Everyone has a role and everything falls into place as we lift Jesus high. This is the rise of the saints and this is why we love being a church where Jesus is the center of it all.

Our programs

+The Adam & Eve Revolution Show
Weekly talk show dealing with the successes, failures and issues in marital and non-marital relationships.
+Kingdom Beatz
Weekly show hosted by DJ Mo-Diddley, which profiles the hottest Gospel music mixes, remixes and mixtapes around.  Features include listener voting, mixtape amd live DJ battles, interviews with leading artists from the local, regional and national scene.
+The Mantle
A round table discussion podcast, featuring the most prolific, influential and respected pastors in our area and across the nation, engaged in frank discussions about the issues facing the people of God and the effect upon the local and national church organizations and our communities at-large.  Tune in and hear these powerful men and women of God, give guidance on some really tough issues facing the Kingdom.
Podcast series brought to you by Hope’s Bridge that brings women’s issues to the forefront in a way that’s raw and not often addressed.  Women are encouraged, exhorted and shown how to rise above their circumstances and learn how to make better decisions about relationships, family, career and gain a perspective of life that shows them moving into their destinies as God sees them, and not others.  
+On Your Block
Insightful and thought-provocative news and information from the local area.  Interviews, projects, events and other information about what’s happening in your neighborhood and how it affects you.  On-street-interviews will be discussed in studio with special guests.

Spoken Word

D. Clare aka Shontay Monroe - Spoken Word Artist

D. Clare – Spoken Word artist

D. Clare is “Bringing It To Ya Raw”, as she likes to put it.

Her alter ego, “D. Clare”, is the personification of Shontay Monroe – a Jacksonville, FL native who is a writer, poet, artist, model, businesswoman, mother, wife, friend, fashion-a-holic.  D. Clare transforms the mic and stage into a soul-stirring, gut-wrenching and spirit-shifting vehicle into her mind, body and soul…and the audience gets to ride out with her.  Her words will ring like echoes in your ear and cause you to hold a mirror up to yourself and wonder.  Check out her bio

Dee Whitfield - Spoken Word Artist

Dee Whitfield – Spoken Word Artist

Dee Whitfield – Accomplished Spoken Word Artist & Author

Dee has been performing spoken word for nearly 20 years.  She was doing it when it was simply a pure, art-form and viewed as an extension of songs without music.  She is a pioneer of the art-form, as a Jacksonville, FL native.  Dee has performed all around the country and has added accomplished author, to her title.  Having penned and self-published four books, she has established herself as an authority on  Creative Writing, and publishing.

A Kingdom Word from The Pulpit to The Streets

Pastor Herbert Bartley and First Lady Rhonda Bartley - Impacting Live Christian Ministries

Pastor Herbert Bartley and First Lady Rhonda Bartley – Impacting Live Christian Ministries

Pastor Herbert & First Lady Rhonda Bartley

Impacting Lives Christian Ministries is a ministry that believes in the complete Word of God, and that God has empowered and equipped men and woman by His Spirit to do the work of ministry to “Impact Lives” all over the world!
An interdenominational, Holy Spirit-filled body of Christ; we believe in “Impacting Lives” by being a vehicle of The Love of God through preaching the Gospel to the lost; economically and educationally empowering people; and networking with others that have like passion.


astors Jomo and Charmaine Cousins - LFCC

Sr. pastors – Jomo and Charmaine Cousins – LFCC – Riverview, FL.

Drs. Jomo and Charmaine Cousins

The founders of “Love First Christian Center located in Riverview, Florida, have been bringing a fresh, powerful and relevant word to their local body of Christ since they held their first service on July 27, 2008.
Speaking with conviction, honesty, and excitement concerning the word of God,  Dr. Jomo travels and speaks to the youth about the importance of staying in school and being leaders in their communities.  His sermons go to the heart of life issues and Dr. Jomo is committed to life dedicated to saving souls and teaching God’s people to walk in love and in prosperity.

Shows To Rock Your Spirit, Body & Mind

The Adam & Eve Revolution

Pastor Harry & Co-Pastor Chandra Ford, show hosts

The Adam & Eve Revolution

A humorous, on-the-street show that poses a wide variety of questions and situations to men and women, in order to get a true sense of perspective from both sexes.  Designed to elicit colorful, entertaining but truthful answers our hosts, Pastor Harry & Co-Pastor Chandra Ford, senior pastors of The Imani Minds Outreach, will offer Biblical insight on those responses!  Are you laughing into a mirror?


180Radionow.com Show - The Jobline

180Radionow.com Show – The Jobline

The Jobline

Weekly live, podcast series providing much needed connections for local area listeners to employers looking for talent.  Show provides employment-seeking advice & best practices, and critical job-seeking tips provided by guest employers on the show.  Real help for real lives.  Word.


Kingdom Beats hosted by "Mo-Diddley"

Kingdom Beats hosted by “Mo-Diddley”

Kingdom Beatz

MC Mo-Diddley, on the 1’s and 2’s, serving up the hottest mixes, remixes and mixtapes of Gospel, CCW, Reggae – all kinds of music that will rock your spirit and keep you in praize party mode!  Mo’s coming with a fresh flava for your ear each and every time.  the very rocks will cry out to Jesus, so you might as well get ready to shout down your blessings down, ‘cuz these beatz will drop on you.