Show Formats


The Adam & Eve Revolution ShowThe Adam & Eve Revolution Show

The hosts go into locations where there is a heavy male or female presence, and ask questions designed to get a perspective of man, Adam and Eve, women. The show is designed to elicit colorful entertaining and truthful answers to some very interesting questions. At the end of the show a guest pastor husband and wife team, conclude the show with a true Biblical answer to the questions.

The Jobline - 180Radionow.com Original ProgrammingJobline

Weekly LIVE podcast that connects people (listening audience) to job connections with local employers.  Provides advice on employment-seeking best practices, job-seeking tips from the perspective of employers featured on the show.  Essentially, connecting local employers with local talent.  Segments within the show, like “Second Chance” – Deals with companies that hire ex-felons, and provides perspective on the job market and how hiring ex-felons impacts their business the community at large.

Kingdom Beatz - 180Radionow.comKingdom Beatz

Weekly podcast that features hot mixes from top Christian DJs in the area and beyond, as well as hot new music from unknown artists and we put together our own mixes and it’s basically a simple DJ’d radio format with frequent track identification (telling what tracks played) and just being cool in the delivery.  Hip-hop, Neo-soul, urban contemporary, Gospel rock and more.  Listeners get to take control of the station’s playlist by sending in their own.  there’ll be a theme that the playlist will have to cater to.  The listener who sends in the best playlist meeting that theme,  wins some cool prizes.

At The Well

Weekly show hosted by Prophetess Angel Alexander, that offers a unique perspective of the teaching and preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Recognized widely, for her prophetic anointing and the accuracy of the revelations she receives from the Lord, she delves into all areas of God’s Word with a fresh and exciting perspective, guaranteed to help you grow in the knowledge of God and His purpose for your life.  Guests and the opportunity to call into the show, will add exciting variety and sincerity to a listening experience that will be unlike anything you’ve ever heard, while challenging you to grow spiritually.

The Mantle - Pastor Herbert BartleyThe Mantle

Weekly revelatory, podcast featuring local, national and international pastors, who share their insights through lighthearted and poignant conversations about ministry, business, faith, family and community.  We highlight their mission and ask them to share what’s important to them, with our listeners.  The show is geared around a lively discussion about areas of interest and concern from a pastor’s perspective.  Semi-regularly, we will have multiple pastor’s (3-5 max) participate in a roundtable discussion and have live call-ins.

Hope's Bridge - Social ServicesBreakthru

A weekly talk show series, brought to you by Hope’s Bridge, a women’s abuse and counseling social services component of Project 180, that focuses on the issues most impacting women today – ranging from domestic abuse to health and wellness.  The goal is to empower women with the information, tools and resolve to better the quality of their lives by helping women to know their true identities and their potential so they can live a better quality of life by eliminating the abuse in their lives, raising their children better, making better life choices, and getting free from the negativity in their lives.  Live interviews and call-ins.

An informational, news-events driven show that brings in members of local advocacy groups, the justice system, the media, clergy, businesses and our political system to discuss the issues facing our local communities and how to resolve them.  We look at the people, and organizations that are actually DOING something to affect positive outcomes in the lives of our Jacksonville residents and surrounding areas.

Chart Hopperz with MC Mo Diddley

Weekly top 10 radio countdown for both urban and contemporary rock/pop charts.

Additonal Weekly Programming

More variety to add to the lineup includes Spoken Word, Daily Devotions, Morning Prayer, Comedy, Mixtape Moments, and more:

  • Ministry Message Monday – An hour long segment of selective, 5-to-10 minute clips of sermons from local pastors preached to their congregations over the previous week.  These clips will be introduced by the host as if they were top songs in a count-down and mixed in and out with up-tempo beats/songs.  The show’s purpose is to provide the listeners with a smorgasbord of ministry messages designed to encourage and exhort you.
  • Afternoon Drive Mix – The best Gospel music mixed into an hour-long set, sure to make the end-of-the-workday drive from work, is an uplifting, seat-rockin’, head-bobbin’ experience.  Show should air sometime between 4pm and 6pm, and would feature a new mix every day.  Show could be custom mix from our own DC and personalities or mix-tapes from other DJ’s as well – so long as they get full credit for their mixes.  Who would require a brief intro and/or drop-in.


Food For The Soul” – 3-minute, inspirational segment (noon-time run) Open to anyone who submits a completely scripted segment.

Wednesday Worship Warrior” – 5-minute segment highlighting worship leaders discussing their passion and perspective on worship.

About Our Father’s Business” – 5-minute segment that highlights local, Christian businesses.  Basically it’s a “shout-out” to that business.  Business name, type, what they offer, any sales/promotions.

3J12” – 5-minute segment, Based off pf 3 John 1:2 – the segment focuses on health and wellness tips.

A Merry Heart….” – 5-minute Christian comedy segment.

The Help Desk” – 5-minute consumer technology segment, presenting quick perspectives on personal computer best practices, Internet basics, user security tips on Internet use and safe personal computing.