TPFCS – “Gospel Trap Music, Aye!”

you’ve heard it from more “seasoned” saints of God…”That ain’t music that glorifies God! That’s street music and got NO bidness in the house of God!” LoL!! With each generation of music that ushers in a “new” sound, there are always detractors that will knock it and challenge whether or not it is “of God”. This argument was really a hot button when Kirk Franklin stepped on the scene with “Stomp” in 1997 and gospel music hasn’t been the same since. Now, though Christian artists wrestle with the “church” over traditional-sounding tracks and whether or not the newer “street-worthy” type of music really honors God. Trap music is the next musical style on the witness stand being cross-examined. Hear what Timika Peterson, Few Chosen & Stereo have to say about the matter.