Kingdom Beatz Show #2 – Berean Barz


Kingdom Beatz Show #2 – Berean Barz


  1. Starlos

    Great interview to go along with a great website!

    • S’up, Starlos! Thank you sooo much for your comment. We’re doing something different…presenting Christian artists in a way that’s real. It’s not about just the music, but it’s the ministry behind it and presenting the heart of these individuals so that everyone can see the continual work of Christ in us as we present our gifts to the world for His Glory! Thank you, again and please keep coming back for more. Why? Because, “this is what ministry sounds like.” Hit us up anytime!

      God bless you and your household. We love you, in Jesus’ matchless and mighty name,

      –DJ Mo-Diddley

  2. Sonia Solis

    God be glorified! So blessed to be able to hear people who love the Lord talk about the Lord and be about the Lord’s business.
    #jesusfreaks #praytogetherstaytogether

    • God bless you, Sonia Solis! Thank you so very much for listening to us and checking out our content. We’re all about presenting Christian artists to you, in a way that is real and transparent, while providing you the best view of Christianity – through artists, ministers, musicians – anyone using their gifts to glorify God, and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through song, word, preaching, teaching, exhortation, and any other way that ministers to people and reach those seeking Christ. We built this radio station for you and everyone else like you, who is looking for something new and different in radio entertainment and ministry. We are so grateful that you listen to us. Please, keep coming back and tell EVERYONE you know…the best is yet to come with us! We’re JUST getting started. So come back and peep some more radio hotness! Word. LoL!!

  3. Sonia Loaiza

    Praise the Lord for His Faithfulness to open doors for His servants to share the Gospel!
    It’s a pleasure to come back to your station to listen to Jesus centered worship songs that encourage and remind His people that God is mighty and in control.
    Listening to Berean Barz is a blessing, from the testimonies, to the lyrics, in a genre that I have never been interested in which even surprises me. Definitely, keeping your radio station ministry in prayers and all those that God calls to share the Gospel through this method of communication.
    May many come to the knowledge of our Lord and receive salvation. All honor and glory be to God our Father, Jesus Christ our Redeemer, and His Holy Spirit. God bless!

    • God bless you and your household, Sonia! Thank you for coming back and checking out more of what God is saying through an amazing group of young men, such as TJ Noble, Proc C, and Flame On. These brothers, as you have discovered for yourself are totally “souled out” for Jesus! Their testimony is in their music AND in their every day walk. Please come back for more and tell everyone you know about the unique platform we have here at 180Radionow.com. Go to our Facebook page and give us a shout out. Let everyone you know, in on what we’re doing here. We’re going to shake the very foundations of the mind, body and soul with everything we broadcast and want God to be glorified in it. Listeners such as yourself, will help us get there! Again, thank you! — Mo Diddley

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