“Ciera Jante and Family – My God Can Do Anything!”


Ciera Jante'

“Ciera Jante and Family – My God Can Do Anything!”


  1. Martez Lofton

    Powerful interview, powerful testimony…to my extended family and sister, congrats on your success and future endeavors…from your other brother Tez…D.O.P.E. all the way!!!

  2. Mary

    Beautiful testimony and very annointted song.

  3. Janet Jones

    Hey Brother Mo! We truly enjoyed spending time with you down in Jacksonville, FL. Thank you for your generosity and gracious hospitality. We truly enjoyed the interview. It was awesome and powerful! Thanks for supporting Ciera Jante’. We look forward to collaborating with you again in the future.

    Much Love to you and the 180 Radio Now Family. God Bless!!

    – Pastor Janet

  4. Vicki

    What an inspiration you are Ciera Jonte’
    I know your testimony will truly bless someone. To God be the glory!!
    (Awesome Song)

  5. Aliyah

    Hearing your music and your testimony has truly been a blessing and inspiration. Your faith, love, and compassion will take you farther than you have ever imagined. I look forward to hearing more of your songs and I pray that you are able to continue to touch other people’s lives as much as you have mine.

  6. Thanks everyone for your touching comments! I love each of you dearly. It was such an honor to share my music and testimony with the 180 Radio Now family. It is a great privilege to be able to share God’s love and Word with the world. Special thanks again to Mo for taking the time to complete the interview. It was such a wonderful experience and I appreciate the warm welcome we received. May God continue to bless this internet radio station, my family, 180radionow.com!

    Ciera Jante’

  7. Marissa Boone

    Ciera, I just want to say that this is an AMAZING interview. I enjoyed listening to every minute of it! Your testimony is so POWERFUL! Your songs are not just songs, when you sing you are ministering the Word of the Lord! You truly have a gift girl! Continue to let God use you through song and sharing your testimony! Revelation 12:11 says “And they overcame him by the blood of the lamb, and by the word of their testimony.” Don’t stop telling your testimony Girl! God has so much in store for you. He’s definitely not done with you yet! You aint seen nothing yet girl! Im just so excited to see where God is taking you! I love you so much and so proud of you!!!!

    Marissa Boone

  8. To Ciera and the fam-bam, we absolutely LOVE you guys and will continue to support you, until Jesus comes again. After that, well…all bets are off ‘cuz we don’t plan on being here. 🙂 The entire family was a joy to be around and we are Godly-proud to be a part of your family. Ciera’s music has such a powerful anointing over it, that I couldn’t get past the first few seconds of the song – several times. It took a while before I could actually listen all the way through them. Full of praise, encouragement, exhortation, conviction and POWER. Yup, that’s what’s in Ciera’s music.
    Everybody ‘s faces in the office were so wet with tears, that we all looked like glazed chocolate doughnuts up in that place!! It is our honor to present Ciera Jante’ to our audience of over 138 countries around the world and millions of Intenet radio listeners in the USA. We again, want thank the family for making the trek down here to our Florida offices for the interview, and we will continue to support your ministry!
    Thanks for all of those that posted, and please, listen to 180Radionow.com for yourselves, that we are creating a fresh and exciting INTERNET RADIO EXPERIENCE, by presenting you with the hottest in contemporary Christian rock/pop, hip-hop, urban gospel, and reggae music to moove-n-groove you; while feeding your soul with the most inspirational messages/teachings, spoken word and all-original shows guaranteed to feed your soul. We promise you that it is unlike anything you’ve ever heard and introduced to your soul.
    This is what ministry sounds like!

    Monterio Weaver
    Station Manager & Programming Director

  9. Hattie Lofton

    How bless we are and most of all the Kingdom of God Music Field to have this anointed Woman of God to share her gift. Her life is a testimony to the music and song ministry that she performs. I know that this is just the beginning and PRAISE THE LORD for all the lives you will impact Ciera – You make us all proud – You are truly in your WINNING SEASON. Greater is Coming – Evangelist Dr. Hattie Lofton

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