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About Me
My name is Valerie Pruitt and am sometimes called Marina Dawn, why?
I will tell you some day or perhaps it will all be revealed in heaven
I am a Christian poet who desires to share God’s hope and truths
In language we all can understand.

My Story
Raised in a God fearing and honouring family of faith I strode out to meet the world
then Life happened, for the rain falls on the just and the unjust.
After being almost killed and abandoned by my ex husband with 2 young children on my hands, my spirit broke, I lost my faith, and good girl went bad.
I stumbled in the dark for several years yearning for something brighter , something more.
I started writing what was essentially prayers for hope, for deliverance.
When I returned broken to my faith ,I found God had much more planned for my life .
For in his grace he brought me a loving man and opened doors for others to be blessed by his story in my life .

My Faith
I know God still speaks today , his words still have beauty, form , poetry that seeks to reach our hearts .
I believe that truth does not need to be dressed up in flowery skirts, to still be relevant today.
We can obtain salvation through faith in Jesus Christ and acceptance of his work on the cross for us.
God is a God of restoration and a bruised reed he will not despise .He is the God of Hope.
Searching ,we can all find our identity and purpose through him .

My Poetry
I write about life , it’s ups and downs;
In simple poetic lines I speak of our humanity and the many issues we encounter
For there are days we all struggle , we fall.
Moments when our faith is shaken and we think we cannot go on

Wherever you are in your life and your walk I pray that your hope will not fail
Your head will be lifted
You will go on renewed , so stay a while be blessed.

Tune into my weekly radio show, right here on 180Radionow.com each Wednesday afternoon at 2:30 PM EST, and of course the podcasts are here for your enjoyment 24/7 – absolutely free.   It’s the most unique 30-minute push to your soul, filled with Holy-Ghost inspired poetry, wonderful music to bless you and an awesome Word from the Lord to keep you!

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Marina Dawn Poet

Plain Bread with Val

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