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Impacting Your Life With Original Shows for Your Soul

Written by on August 2, 2020

There are a ton of issues that many Christians and atheists struggle reconciling with.  No matter whether you follow Jesus Christ or not, many of these issues are so serious in their nature and embarrassing for most, that not dealing with them has led to a lifetime of regret, emotional and psychological distress…to the point that some have taken their own lives, as well as others.

We’re not bulletproof, as many would like to think they are.  Not addressing these unresolved issues may not manifest right away, but like a pot of cooking oil left on the back burner of the stove, it’s jut a matter of time before it burns and turns into a 5-alarm emotional wildfire.

Acknowledging the problem is the first step.  Deal with the 5,000 pound rhino in the room. has the most original programming than any other radio station…period.  We have shows that address the human condition, and how to deal with it in the natural as well as in the spirit.  Shows that address problems and situations that are damaging relationships within the church, their families and within their communities.  Topics so charged, but REAL,  that many pastors and church leaders are too afraid or not equipped to address from the pulpit or in counseling.

We know that pain and suffering is part of living, but we don’t have to suffer alone.  We lay our burdens at the altar, and let God put the pieces back together.  However, God uses people to effect His will in the  Earth.  So, as Beievers we are overcome by the word of our testimony.  Our shows feature hosts and guests, whose testimony of brokeness and bitterness to empowerment and victory, present complete pictures of issues and problems that many of us face, but are afraid to talk about.  The original shows we feature, will change all of that…they’ll change your life, and will serve as powerful testimony to the love that God has for us, and how He promises to heal and restore us, and proof that He delivers on those promises.

Addressing issues such as extra-marital affairs, addictions of all types (sex, drugs, alcohol, gambling, flirting, cutting, and more), incest, domestic violence, “church hurt”, many more topics.  All of our shows get to the heart of the matter, so it can be dealt with.  Guaranteed to change your perspective, and maybe save a life.

with over a dozen shows in our lineup, we’re certain to touch vital areas of your life,  that will provide you with invaluable information to help you guide your households through financial planning, marital bliss, effective parenting, making sense of the political landscape, cultivating healthy relationships,  and so much more.

We’re coming down your street, so get ready!!