Antwan Smalls & Life Worthy

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ASLW - Antwan Smalls & Life Worthy

ASLW – Antwan Smalls & Life Worthy

On behalf of Antwan Smalls, Gary Swindell Jr., Derrick Aikens, Latoya Hill, Gabrielle Grubbs, Arkeem Brown, Dedrick Clark, Devin Wallace, Robert Saunders, Montrel Jenkins, Porschia Mitchell, Robin Reeves, Sarah Keith, we want to say thank you for supporting us and helping us to represent our God, in the Earth.

ASLW is a really a band of singers and musicians, with an absolute love for God, and passion for music, ASLW offers an energetic vibe of worship that blends cultures and generations, through various styles, and influences. All the while, our mission is to usher in a movement to restore true-genuine worship in the earth that we will produce true-purposeful (and purpose-filled) lives, for God’s kingdom.

Come back and check us out on 180Radionow.com!! We love you to LIFE and live LIFE WORTHY!

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