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Tune in every Thursday evening at 7 PM EST to “Michelle Speakz”, hosted by US Navy Veteran, and founder of Healing Women – Healing Nations, Michelle Angelique Poitier. Her guests will share their victory over the hurt, pain, guilt, shame that had held them in bondage over the course of their lives.

So, that you know that no matter how dire, hurtful, dangerous your sutiation mya be, that others have gone through too…you are not alone. Michelle and her guests will uncover it all, so that you too will be free from whomever and whatever it is that is killing your social, emotional, spiritual and financial growth.

Learn how to get out from underneath the burdens that hold you down, remember – if you hide it, you can’t heal it. If you missed any of the aired episodes, then you can catch all of them right here in our podcast directory, on 180Radionow.com. “This is what ministry sounds like.”


Podcast Listing

Special guest Stephanie Harden shares how she found the love of Jesus Christ in learning to forgive herself after dealing with the ramifications of abortion."Abortion: The Stronghold of the Enemy" - Part 1
Executive Producer, DJ Mo-diddley shares his experience on abortion, from a man's perspective and how it irrevocably changed his view of life and relationships forever."Abortion: The Stronghold of the Enemy - A Man's Perspective" - Part 2
Michelle Poitier sits down with Anthony Butler, Sr. as he lays out the perception vs. the reality of understanding the roles, that sex and intimacy play in relationships."Sex & Intimacy...Deal Breakers?" - Part 1
Michell Poitier and Anthony Butler, Sr. conclude this two-parter with frank discussions about making compromises with sex & intimacy, how Christians should handle it."Sex & Intimacy...Deal Makers?" - Part 2
Part I - Jacqueline "Jae" Smith talks with Michelle Poitier about what "church hurt" really is, where it comes from and how to get over it."Church Hurt" - Part 1
Part 2 - Conclusion of this poignant conversation, "Church Hurt", with host Michelle Poitier and guest Jacqueline "Jae" Smith."Church Hurt" - Part 2
Counselor, Cathy Dupont shares her experience in overcoming low-self esteem and damage it does to a person. Escaping the emotional prison of false self-worth. POWERFUL!!"Meeting Your Authentic Self"
Dr. David Daugherty, US Army Special Forces - Green Beret, shares his own journey and experiences helping men understand that being emotionally and spiritually vulnerable doesn't mean being weak."Male Vulnerability"
What happens when your insecurities get the better of you?How are the seeds sown early in one's life that create these insecurities? Monique Rogers joins Michelle Poitier to talk about it."Dealing With Insecurities"
There are growing numbers of people who do not believe God is real. As technology brings people closer together, what are Believers doing to make the Gospel and a relationship with Christ Jesus, a message that is relatable?"Creative Christianity"

The opioid epidemic is decimating entire families and communities, obliterating cultural lines and mentalities about what drugs hit what cultures. Know what this epidemic is about and how to help those who caught in its death grip."All About Opioids"

There are enough insecurities, paranoia, phobias and flaws to drag us through life, but when you add fear, anxiety and depression with the mix and it can be completely destructive and devastating. Learn how to get through it all."Battling F.A.D."

Looking at the problem and offering solutions to the age-old issue of how race is the center of the financial gaps that create a disparate focus and application of educational tools and resources to kids across all communities."Disparities In Education"

Homosexuality is now a mainstream, lifestyle choice that is becoming even more pervasive in the Christian Church. This hot-button episode deals with how Believers SHOULD welcome and love on people who live homosexual lifestyles, and how the Church should address it according to the Bible."Homosexuals In The Church" - Part 1

The conclusion to this hot-button issue of homosexuals in the church. Where is the confusion? How should Believers minister to homosexuals, and what does God have to say about all of this? What is Church's responsibility in accepting homosexuals within the church?"Homosexuals In The Church" - Part 2

Real estate broker, Latasha Looper, offers insight on the the pros, cons, considerations, rewards and consequences that await all homeowners - and provides keen insight and wisdom on being financially and emotionally prepared for becoming a home owner."Charity Begins at Home"

Living paycheck-to-paycheck erodes the financial security of working families and kills any and all progress towards financial stability and independence. Dr. Tony Allen sits down with host, Michelle Poitier to share his valuable insight and experience on how to permanently position yourself to gain that financial stability and independence"Breaking Away From Living Paycheck-To-Paycheck"

Holly Johnson shares her battles with food addiction and the traumatic experiences she endured from it, and ultimately how she transformed her mind, body and soul to overcome her food addiction."Transformational Journey"

Crystal Whiteside-Lemon shares her battle with mental illness, how it affected her coming up as a teen and the impact it had on trusting people, but how she ultimately addressed it."Mental Illness - A Day In The Life Of..."

Sequoyah Lindsey-Taylor shares why it's paramount that a woman learn all she can about who she is, before allowing roles and labels to be applied her and conforming, risking her identity."I Am NOT Every Woman"

Retired special forces Green Beret, and Marriage & Family Therapist, David Daugherty shares what "Female Manipulation: is, and why it's so destructive to relationships, and how to work through it.,"Female Manipulation"

"Michelle Speakz" host, U.S. Navy Veteran, and MST survivor, Michelle Poitier shares her history of battling MST, the tremendous cost it had on her relationships at home, in marriage and being socially engaged. "MST (Military Sexual Trauma - Michelle Poitier, U.S. Navy Veteran"

CEO & Founder of Northeast Florida Women Veterans, shares her personal experiences with MST and how it deeply affects the quality of life for women veterans who go without the help they desperately need"MST (Military Sexual Trauma - Dee Quaranmta, U.S. Air Force Veteran"

Shawndra Roberts, active duty U.S. Army servicewoman and CEO of 738 maquillage collexion, joins host of "Michelle Speakz" Michelle Poitier in continuing the very difficult conversation of MST. NEVER underestimate the power of forgiveness."MST (Military Sexual Trauma - Shawnda Roberts, U.S. Army servicewoman, active duty"

Honor Parrish, CEO of UTRAVEL 24/7/365 INC., "Trailblazer & USN Hidden Figure" and U.S. Navy Veteran shares her journey from being a survivor of MST, to becoming a victor.."Military Sexual Trauma - Part IV with Honor Parrish, CEO of UTRAVEL 24/7/365 INC., "Trailblazer & USN Hidden Figure",