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Hosted by Timika Peterson, Few Chosen & Stereo

Contemporary Gospel music group hailing from Raleigh, North Carolina, “Timika Peterson, Few Chosen & Stereo” have launched a young adult ministry that deals with the hard challenges, and serious issues facing them in their Christian walk. With their prophetic anointing and powerful testimony, TPFCS brings to you a podcast series that is sure to bless you and help you with your Christian walk.

TPFCS---Live-Light-Lounge-logo_80x80"A Better Christian"
TPFCS---Live-Light-Lounge-logo_80x80"Don't Lose Your Witness"
TPFCS---Live-Light-Lounge-logo_80x80"The Truth About Honorariums"
TPFCS---Live-Light-Lounge-logo_80x80"Hotline Session 1"
TPFCS---Live-Light-Lounge-logo_80x80"Masturbation & Sex"
TPFCS---Live-Light-Lounge-logo_80x80"How To Stay Motivated In Your Relationship With God"
TPFCS---Live-Light-Lounge-logo_80x80"The Importance of Forgiveness"
TPFCS---Live-Light-Lounge-logo_80x80"Reacting To Offense and Adversity"
TPFCS---Live-Light-Lounge-logo_80x80"Gospel Trap Music, Aye!"
TPFCS---Live-Light-Lounge-logo_80x80"Don't Miss Your Opportunity!"