Kingdom Beatz


Weekly music entertainment show, hosted by 180Radionow.com’s very own DJ Monterio “Mo-Diddley” Weaver, featuring signed and unsigned Christian artists, ministers, performers, DJs who are using their gifts and talents to edify the Body of Christ. highlighting and vproviding a platform for them to gain the visibility and exposure they seek in growing their ministries. You’ll be treated to over-the-air, listening parties as we listen to new music, EP’s, studio releases – you name it, of our featured artists. Additionally, we ask the real questions in some very candid interviews. the idea being that you, our listening audience, can gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of their ministry, their heart for Jesus and get their opinions and views of what they see happening in the Kingdom of God, the issues that affect His people here and now.

The goal of Kingdom Beatz is to present to the listening audience a practical picture of men & women serving the Lord in ministry through their entertaining gifts, while giving them a platform to gain a wider audience. It’s fun, entertaining and REAL. We’re gonna talk about things that matter…things that you probably won’t here anywhere else. Kingdom Beatz is happening every Saturday from 2PM – 4PM EST.