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Kingdom Beatz Mixshow
Welcome to the Kingdom Beatz Mixshow showcase page on 180Radionow.com!

A 3-hour music, news & entertainment radio ministry profiling the hottest Christian music across many, popular genres such as Contemporary Worship, Hip Hop, Rock, Pop, Rhythm & Praise, Urban Gospel, Reggage and more – both here in the United States as well as the United Kingdom and elsewhere!

Hosted by DJ Mo-Diddley and MinisTrEE, we’ll talk about issues that concern you, as well as present news, reviews and interviews guaranteed to keep you interested, engaged and your soul satisfied.  There are segments that we are fan-driven, like our “What Tha’ People Say”, where we share with our listening audience responses from questions we’ve posed on on our Facebook page.

We’ll be blessing our faithful listeners with prizes such as movie tickets, gift cards, dinner tickets, getaways, music, books and more!!  Listeners will also be rewarded with discounts on purchases made with select sponsors and advertisers of the show.

Our hope is that we will be able to change how you listen to Christian radio, with meaningful, fun and thoughtful content that is sure to keep you movin’ and groovin’, while being a blessing to your soul!  We love God, and we love His music.  MinisTrEE and I want to share with everyone our love of Christian music, our faith in Christ and our sincere desire to see people’s lives changed through Jesus Christ.

Tune in every Saturday at 10AM EST, and let’s kick this thing off the right way – with you!

KBM (Kingdom Beatz Mixshow) Podcast"Episode 1 - The Beginning"
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