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We’re Playing The Hottest Christian Music To Put Some Bounce In Your Step

Written by on August 3, 2020

Music is an expression of the soul, and it’s part of who we are.  What we listen to, says as much about our personality, as much as what we do in our daily lives says about our character. strives to play music that has an anointing in it, and that the artists who create it are as much in love with Jesus Christ as we are!  holy Ghost-inspired music should compel the listener to praise & worship Our Lord, reflect and acknowledge God’s presence and importance in our lives, convict a contrite spirit, and encourage us to press forward in our faith-walk.

Back in the day, when we actually BOUGHT records (you know…45’s and the 12″ vinyl records??), there was an “A” and a “B” side.  The “A” side was normally the song you heard on the radio, that made you wanna go out ans buy the record in the first place.  The “B” side was a song that typically didn’t get the airplay, but was a track on the album.  Point is that,  if the “B” side was as banging as the “A” side, that was our cue to go and buy the album – for sure!  That’s when the treasure hint began…

Once you purchased the album, you spent hours  listening to the other tracks on the album, and that’s when you discovered even more audio goodness.  Honestly, it was lilke getting a box of Cracker Jax…you didn;t know what kind of prizes you find in it until you started digging into the box…which meant you had to eat your way through all of that mouth-watering, buttery, caramel popcorn joy.  That’s what listening to a new album was like.  There would normally be several more songs on that project, that were emotionally charged, engaging, and just flat-out TIGHT!  However, these songs did not normally get airplay…at least not right away anyway.

That’s how we feel about Christian music.  Sometimes, airplay is all that matters and only the songs that click right away are the ones that get that airplay…so they are the ones we get the opportunity to hear, mostly.  We feel, that just as the popular songs can bless you, the “other” tracks MANY TIMES are just as powerful and just as anointed as the often-played tracks.  Those are the tracks we tend to focus on, and for that reason, you will find that our playlists don’t typically follow top-rated airplay charts.

For us, it’s not about how popular a song is, how many spins it gets, or how many downloads it has each week.  We’re in it for the anointing…the power of the song to move people to seek our a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, or the power of the song to convict a contrite spirit and provoke repentance, love and forgiveness.  The music should encourage people to be better than who the are and to become whom God has called them to be.  The music HAS to be a call-to-action, and prompt the listener to be sensitive to the move of God in their lives.  Songs to have to be charted in order for that to happen.  The less popular songs can be just as effective…and in many cases even more so than their charted companions. wants to redefine your listening experience and challenge your expectations.  We highlight signed, unsigned and independent artists from many music genres – contemporary gospel, CCW, CHH, christian rock, jazz, reggae and more.  We’re gonna keep you movin’-n-groovin’, get your knot bobbin’ and give your faith-walk just a little extra push!  Now, you know:

This is what ministry sounds like.