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Giving Your Daily Faith-Walk An Extra Push.

Written by on August 4, 2020 - This is what ministry sounds like.

An international, Christian internet radio platform we’ve designed  for budding and seasoned musical recording artists, praise & worship teams & leaders, poets and “floets” of  Spoken Word, authors, professionals, as well as to pastors, evangelists and other ministers of The Gospel of Jesus Christ, so they may create and build an international audience of consumers, or expand their existing audience., is open to signed and unsigned Christian musical recording artists, Spoken Word performers, book authors, pulpit and street ministers, pastors, preachers, teachers and professionals from all industries…anyone, who is reaching people and changing lives with the Word of God through their gifts  – for the purpose of elevating the Kingdom of God and bringing people closer to Him.

We went on-the-air March 15, 2016 sharing our love for Jesus Christ, starting with music from recording artists both known and unknown, across many Christian music genres, from Contemporary Gospel, Rhythm & Praise (R&P), Christian Hip Hop (CHH), Jazz and Reggae to Christian Contemporary Worship (CCW), and Christian Rock.  People express their love for God in many ways that are completely individualistic, so it’s CRAZY to put God in a box,  and say, “this is who He is”, when God is SO much bigger than that.  Ergo, we don’t put our praises for Him in a box either.  This is why we play music from so many different musical genres

We all could be in a worship service and hear the exact same Word, from the exact same pastor, evangelist or minister of the Gospel.  However, each of us may interpret that Word very differently, from each other.  Why?  Because that Word may minister to us very differently, as our life experiences are often different, but more importantly than that, it is our “God-encounters” (how God deals with us individually, and operates in our lives differently) that shape our personal, relationships with Him.  That is why our station tagline is, “This is what ministry sounds like.”  That word from the Lord we just heard collectively, is what is spoken to our spirit –  differently to each of us, so that is what ministry sounds like to us, hence:

“This is what ministry sounds like.”

Not only is playing the hottest Christian music, but we also have THE best stronghold-breaking, spiritually uplifting original shows for your soul.  More original shows, than any other Christian Internet or terrestrial radio station on the planet.  We have shows that deal with issues individuals and families are struggling with every day, but are too controversial, non-traditional and are just so raw, that many pastors and church leaders are too afraid, or not equipped to address in their own congregations…and even their own families.

Our shows deal with issues that challenge the human condition and crippled or destroy people, families, churches and whole communities as they go on not being addressed and dealt with.  Issues like adultery, fornication, incest, sexual/emotional/substance abuse, domestic violence, perversion, PTSD with men, women and children…both inside the church and outside of it.

We have guests from all walks of life on our shows, from civilian, military and government sectors.  The hard questions get asked, and heart-felt and sincere answers and experiences are shared.  Issues are addressed, solutions are found and strongholds are broken!  Hallelujah!

There are shows that deal with finance, savings & investments for those who think they have nothing to work with, legal advice, technology and politics…all of which are approached from the perspective of those who are financial sound to  those are who are financially shattered and struggling to take in air every moment, of every day.  We have something that will bless everyone and give your faith-walk, just a little push, so you can make it.