D. Clare – Spoken Word Artist

Shontay Monroe aka D. Clare

I am who God says I am, therefore, I Flow.

Born and raised in New York City, Shontay Monroe, whose artistic alter ego is D. Clare, use her urban roots as a source to relay her experiences, dreams and messages of hope and the grounded reality of faith. Currently residing in Jacksonville, FL with her husband and four children, she is a family woman on a mission. She is a Creative with a soul that has no boundaries or limitations. She holds onto the Biblical truth, that she can accomplish all things through her Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ and that nothing is worth obtaining without Him.

Shontay has experienced the pains and joy that comes along with marriage, motherhood, career…life; and she takes every bit of it and channels it into a rhythmically, lyrical presentation which evokes emotions from her audience instantly transporting them into her world. Like the greatest baseball pitchers, she orchestrates the most arresting change-ups in the flow of her wordplay; that deliver pure strikes to your soul – reflecting your own lives back at you as a mirror, and fracturing your colorful perceptions as a prism.

D. Clare’s words will are a brand new flava for your ear. She’ll assault your Pride, provoke you to Love, challenge you to Forgive and encourage you to Live. Check her out, as she serves up the hottest spoken word EXCLUSIVELY, right here on 180Radionow.com!