4080 Woodcock Dr.
Bldg #2400, Ste #120
Telephone: (904) 406-8719 
E-mail: stationmanager@180radionow.com

Our programs

+On The Air with Mad Man
Weekly Gospel entertainment show counting down latest charts, interviews with artists and pros in the Gospel music industry, with a style that only the Mad Man can bring.
+Mic Check 1-2-3
Weekly podcast hosted by Gospel recording artists, BiG FiL – featuring local and regional Gospel hip-hop music artists, contemporary Christian artists, along with interviews and profiling the hottest up-and-coming as well as national artists in the industry…complete with a weekly countdown of the
+Kingdom Beatz
Weekly show hosted by DJ Mo-Diddley, which profiles the hottest Gospel music mixes, remixes and mixtapes around.  Features include listener voting, mixtape amd live DJ battles, interviews with leading artists from the local, regional and national scene.
+The Mantle
A round table discussion podcast, featuring the most prolific, influential and respected pastors in our area and across the nation, engaged in frank discussions about the issues facing the people of God and the effect upon the local and national church organizations and our communities at-large.  Tune in and hear these powerful men and women of God, give guidance on some really tough issues facing the Kingdom.
Podcast series brought to you by Hope’s Bridge that brings women’s issues to the forefront in a way that’s raw and not often addressed.  Women are encouraged, exhorted and shown how to rise above their circumstances and learn how to make better decisions about relationships, family, career and gain a perspective of life that shows them moving into their destinies as God sees them, and not others.  
+On Your Block
Insightful and thought-provocative news and information from the local area.  Interviews, projects, events and other information about what’s happening in your neighborhood and how it affects you.  On-street-interviews will be discussed in studio with special guests.

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