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An international, Christian internet radio platform we’ve designed  for budding and seasoned musical recording artists, praise & worship teams & leaders, poets and “floets” of  Spoken Word, authors, professionals, as well as to pastors, evangelists and other ministers of The Gospel of Jesus Christ, so they may create and build an international audience of consumers, […]

Music is an expression of the soul, and it’s part of who we are.  What we listen to, says as much about our personality, as much as what we do in our daily lives says about our character. strives to play music that has an anointing in it, and that the artists who create […]

There are a ton of issues that many Christians and atheists struggle reconciling with.  No matter whether you follow Jesus Christ or not, many of these issues are so serious in their nature and embarrassing for most, that not dealing with them has led to a lifetime of regret, emotional and psychological distress…to the point […]