Big Fil

Big Fil - 2016 - Gospel Hip Hip Recording Artist

BiG FiL, is “That Dude”!  There is no question where he stands with his beliefs and convictions.  Born as Phillip Burks in Jacksonville, Florida; BiG FiL and raised in the city known for crime and violence.  Living in a single parent home, Phillip was raised BY the streets and faced many challenges – some tragic, but found a way to channel his frustrations through music.  At the age of 14, Phillip began rapping and was recognized by renowned recording label, “Slip-n-Slide” and was asked to sign onto their label, which was a shocase for Def Jam South.  However, a series of spiritual encounters led BiG FiL to a conclusion that the route he was taking in music wasn’t for him.

During the time BiG FiL was a dual-sport athlete and was courting several offer to play football for several elite universities.   A demonstrable lack of discipline kept Phil from reaching his athletic aspirations in getting to the next level.  So, BiG FiL focused all of his energy into making music and applied biblical principles integrated with the with the lessons he’d learned from sports.  BiG FiL learned the fine art of working hard at your craft in being able to make that happen.  Phil is a bit of a music anomaly.  What separates him from many other artists in his genre is that he can both sing and rap – not a combination easily found.  BiG FiL has the voice of a seasoned R&B singer with the swagger of a street disciple, emcee.

formerly signed with OftBeats Records, BiG FiL and producer CJ Nurse laid the groundwork for his double persona, BiG FiL and Phil Alexander.  one raps and the other will captivate you with soothing vocals.  His music is the vehicle for his positive message – signing and rapping about everything from his relationship with God to the streets.  In 2009 BiG FiL parted ways with OftBeats.  After much prayer and seeing God about the direction of his music career, BiG FiL joined the Rhyme Council family.  Rhyme Council Music Group (RCMG) is spearheaded by former Cross Movement artist, Rodnie “RSwift” Graham.  This was a power-packed move by both RCMG and BiG FiL.

BiG FiL has shared the stage with influential Gospel artists such as Cross Movement, Lecrae, Da Truth, Grits, Ce Ce Winans, Kurtis Blow, Mali Music, Lisa McClendon, Detrick Haddon and Papa San.  He’s also recorded with additional great artists such as Def Jam recording artist Leon Timbo, Grammy-nominated producer Troy Sneed, Pettidee and Cajo Records’ Canton Jones.

BiG FiL doesn’t want anyone who knows him to get the wrong idea about his lifestyle.  he confesses to be a follower of Christ, both in deeds and manner.  He was awarded as the Hip Hop artist of the year.  Furthermore, FiL has been featured on several albums and mixtapes for a variety of artists and DJs.  In the summer of 2010, he released “3AM Applied Mixtape – Volume 2” to much acclaim.  His previous “3AM” project, which wasa Volume 1, was awarded Best Mixtape of the Year by the Kingdom Choice Awards.  BiG FiL’s recent new single, “I’m Gone”, has made waves and created a buzz – putting fans in anticipation for his upcoming album, “Stadium Status” in 2011.

BiG FiL is destined to fulfill his purpose by letting listeners know, that you can have Christ and “skillz”.

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You can purchase IJBME here on iTunes


You can purchase “Stadium Status” here on iTunes

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