Tizzle & Polo

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Polo - Tayshawn Foster

Grinding it out in the studio y’all…working hard.

Tizzle - Tysheem Foster

Working hard in the studio with my brother – just doin’ what God laid on our hearts to do!

God is doing it y’all!!  The Lord Jesus Christ saved my brother and me, so we know He will save you too.  Ain’t no tellin when the world’s gonna end, so seek Christ NOW, while He can still be found.  It’s on too late, when you’re gone from this world, so let Him save you and your fam.  We love our fans, and thank EVERYBODY whose been supporting us through our growth and special thank you to “Mad Man” Maurice (we just call him “Mr. Reese” for being such a tremendous blessing to us and for showing us that God really does have plans for each of us…to prosper and not to destroy us.

This walk, our salvation, ya know – it’s serious…it’s life or death, for real.  Follow us as we follow Jesus, and check our latest track, hot off the microphone – and our bio!  Get ready y’all, because our God is all that and there is so much more to come from Him and from us!  Thank you ALL again, for your continued support in our music and street ministry.  Yup…that’s whassup!!


-Tiz and Polo

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