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Michell Martin - Pearman, CEO of Finally SHE

Michell Martin – Pearman, CEO of Finally SHE

At FinallySHE (Self-Healing-Everyday) My mission is to touch, save and change as many lives as possible before I depart this Earth. I want to leave a lasting mark in history for positivity, being uplifting, supportive, and empowering.

I have a daily radio show, right here on 180Radionow.com, that pulls the covers off the issues, problems and areas that keep people living in darkness, seemingly with no hope, promise or a way out. That’s as big of a lie as I know! THERE IS a way out and if you listen to my show, I can guarantee you this:

You will discover that you are NOT alone in what you’re going through.
You deserve the best opportunity to live a high quality of life
You may broken now, but the Potter can put you back together
If you heed the advice on the show, things will get better – YOU will get better.
You will overcome and you’ll be able to help someone else, too.

Let us know how the show touches, affects or impacts you.  We want to know if you what we’re putting out, is blessing you and setting you free from things that may have you bound, and have you feeling trapped.  Healing cannot begin, until you acknowledge and expose the truth, and then face it.

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